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Chess For Schools
Kids who learn to play chess improve their concentration, strategic thinking, memory, critical thinking skills and academic results!
The New York Chess & Games Chess For Schools Programs are ideal for every child of every skill level and every school. Schedule your chess program during the days and times that work best for your school and students.

Studies have shown chess to be an extremely powerful and effective way to develop higher order thinking and problem solving abilities in children, even in those as young as three years old.

In the Teachers Guide: Research and Benefits of Chess, Dr. Robert C. Ferguson documents the studies and statistics validating the effect chess has on the academic performance of students.

In a study in Zaire, Dr. Albert Frank conducted a study using 92 students between the ages of 16 and 18. The chess playing experimental group showed a significant advancement in spatial, numerical, and administrative-directional abilities along with verbal aptitudes compared to the control group. The improvements held true regardless of the final chess skill level attained.

In a Belgium study, a chess playing group of fifth graders experienced a statistically significant gain in cognitive development over the control group using Piaget's tests for cognitive development. They also did significantly better in their regular school testing and as well as standardized testing administered by an outside agency which did not know the identity of the two groups.

Read more here: Teacher's guide: Research and benefits of chess.

Our instructors are patient, friendly and have tons of experience teaching chess to kids. We start as young as pre - K and go all the way through high school.

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