Weekend Chess Academy

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Price: $450.00
    The New York Chess & Game Shop
    Weekend Chess Academy

At the New York Chess & Game Shop Weekend Chess Academy, your child's imagination , creativity and intellectual capacity will be enhanced and stimulated in a progressive and engaging chess program.

Using the methods that produced several chess champions last year, "Master" Christian and the New York Chess & Game Shop Staff will provide your child with a challenging, rewarding and fun filled eight weeks of chess education.

The weekend Chess Academy caters to students of all levels. Beginners start out learning the  names of the pieces, how to set up the board correctly and how each of their 16 pieces moves. They then move onto basic strategy for Opening and Middle game play as well as identifying and executing basic checkmates.

The advanced students learn to correctly read chess positions, how to identify and execute winning Middle game and End game tactical ideas as well as identifying and strengthening the weak areas of their play.

At the start of the Academy each student is assessed and given a provisional rating or rank. Every week each student is reassessed and can win prizes and awards for increasing their rating and moving up in rank.

At the end of the eight week session Certificates of Completeion and individual achievement awards are given out.

Schedule, Cost and Fees

The New York Chess & Game Shop Weekend Chess Academy  Costs: $450.00 for the complete 8 week session
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